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* Battery Components
* Micro Motor Components
* I.C.Leadframes
* Other Precision Components

mainly supplies button type battery components, in different size and shapes, made of various materials (CRS, Plated CRS, Stainless Steel, Clad Alloy and others). Kaga meets customer's specification and requirement for various design features.

We believe our strength lies more in stamping SMALL component within TIGHT tolerances from LIGHT gauge materials based on our own Micron Tooling Technologies.


Electronic Precision Components
* Precision Drawing Components
* Precision Forging Components
* Precision Blanking and Bending Components
* Precision Composite Components
* Highway Emergency Telephone Master Unit
* Data Distribution Boards
* Integrated Wiring Systems
* Optic Connectors
* Hook Switches
* Transfer Switches
* Photo Controls
* Community Lighting Fixtures
* External Mercury Lights
* Fluorescent Security Lights
* Solar Lights
Network System
* Internet Systems
* Mobile Computing
* Application Software
* Bus Guidance Systems
* Information Systems
* Solar Bus Stops

Please send us your RFQ with drawing or sketch. We'll send you some idea about a cost for tooling die and for stamped parts by return.

If it's needed, we are more than happy to make some suggestions about design/dimensions/tolerances/raw materials for cost efficiency.