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KAGA (U.S.A.), Inc.

KAGA (U.S.A.), Inc.

2620 S. Susan Street Santa Ana , CA 92704-5816

Tel:(714)540-2697 Fax:(714)540-3237

Established March 1, 1981
Location 2620 S. Susan Street Santa Ana ,
CA 92704-5816
Capital $500,000
Representative Takashi Nozaki
Employees 25(2023)
Plant Size 38,500 Sq. Ft. (3,500m²)
on the 2.3 acres (9,200m²) of land

History of KAGA (U.S.A.), Inc.

Mar. 1981 KAGA (U.S.A), INC. established.
Begin researching the U.S. market for precision stamped electronic components
Sep. 1982 Begin producing I.C. leadframe
Mar. 1985 Begin developing button-type battery case stamping technology and start production
Mar. 1989 Introducing Computerize SPC for Quality Control
Jan. 1993 Begin designing and producing tooling die for battery tops and cans
(previously imported from the parent company in Japan )
Mar. 1995 The factory was expanded and move to Santa Ana CA
Mar. 2021 40th Anniversary

KAGA Group Policy


Small starts become
a dream of the big future.

Over 2 decades have spent since manufacturing had gone global.
Having started with the manufacure of telecommunication tools, we expanded our business into lighting and precision pressed parts manufacture, adjusted to the customer's demand of each time.
In precision pressed parts department, we sell our products to the customer in the United States, China and Thailand as well as those in Japan.
Now the world is in a big inovative era through asian economic growth, financial crisis, jostle for supremacy and Covid-19.
We are going to expand our exsisting business and focus on developing energy-saving lights, high-quality cooling parts, space and medical parts and more with our original ideas and techniques.
In addition, environmental procedure such as reducing greenhouse gas and improvement of every employee's satisfaction and skills are our next goal.
We are going to grow in every aspect such as manufacturing, environmental care, and trust from customer and society.

Production Base