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Our Products

Shallow Drawing

CR1225, CR1632, CR2032, CR2335, Air Zinc Battery Cases, Silver Oxide Battery Cases

Deep Drawing

Cylindrical Battery Cases : 14250, 17335, 17450, 18650, 21700


Cylindrical battery busbars / Connection plates

Assembly Service


Titanium Products
Prismatic Can / Aluminum
Cylindrical Can / Steel / Stainless Steel


Golf Marker

Our stamping technology allow you to built new luxury golf markers.
Color, design and message are all customizable.
Please check our golf marker website for more information.

Heat sink

KAGA Heat Sinksis a new idea of heat sink realized
by our own special plasticity working.
Based on KAGA's unique special plasticity working,
we have developed a new heat sink realized
by pressing only without casting or cutting.


We engineer every tool and die used at KAGA. Our team of tooling specialists has the technical
expertise to craft and design efficient and effective tool components, while our process
technicians can develop production strategies for accurate, consistent, and repeatable results.